Spring of Love
I am seeing the world
Through different eyes
As if I am experiencing it
For the very first time.
Each day is an anticipation
 Of what is to come
As I see the last glistening frost
 In the bright winter's sun.
The early morning sun
 Gently warms my face
As I noticed a beautiful flower
Put its first bloom in place.
Gone are the unhappy browns
Replaced by happy green hues
Under a radiant sky so alive
With variant colors of blue.
Birds lilting songs float
Musically through the air
As I wonder what the lyrics
Might be to the songs I hear.
The morning air smells fresh
Like a shower is nigh
But when I glance up,
There's not a cloud in the sky.
The world is awakening
From a long winter's nap.
Is it the coming of spring
That I am feeling perhaps?
Or is there something
Changing inside of me 
Enabling me to see the beauty
Which now surrounds me?
Poem by Carol Barton
Copyrighted 2003 by Carol Barton

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