I've Been Around
I've fallen in and out of love
Learning things only time can teach
So don't say the three little words
For love is more than just a speech.
In order to stay alive
Love needs a common ground.
Show me in actions not in words.
I know because I've been around.
Please don't tell me any more lies.
I have wasted enough early years.
I've seen many lonely nights
Dissolve into disappointed tears.
You paint me a pretty picture
As we view the midnight moon.
But in my world it's really gray
As worlds break apart too soon.
Love is like a gentle rain
Falling softly without a sound
Yet disappears so quickly.
I know because I've been around.
Copyright 2004 ~ Carol Barton
Jeylan's Graphic Design
Song:  "Sunrise" by Andy Klapwyk
Used with written permission

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