Angel in Disguise
I stepped into your world
With my mouth open wide
In awe of the beauty surrounding me
Reading your words with pride.
I fell in love in an instant
Staying that way for years
Reading your words over again
With many bringing me to tears.
You touched my heart and soul
I held back not wanting you to know
So I admired you from afar
The ability and talent you show.
I wish I would have met you
When into your world I first came
For I found a friend who touched my heart
Now my life will never be the same.
In this troubled world we live in
How nice to be able to find
A person who is not only caring
But willing to help others and kind.
I still stand in awe of you
Feeling like a pawn next to a king
Your poetic words written for me I cherish
So much they make my heart sing.
Poem by Carol Barton
Copyright 2005 ~ Carol Barton
For my friend Val with love :)
This is the poem Val dedicated to me.
Check out the other poems on his web site.

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