No Sunshine In My Heart
Where did the sunshine go
Though it is shining in the sky
It is missing in my heart
Since the day you said goodbye.

You were my last sibling
Who I loved so much. 
I wanted to be there with you
To hug you and feel your touch.
Writing poetry escapes me
As no words will come to mind.
My organ sits in my room in silence
Unplayed even though I have the time.
It has been only six months 
Since you went away
I feel empty inside and so alone
With no sunshine in my days.
You fought a battle with cancer
For over fifteen years.
When it moved into your bones
It became my worst fear.
Towards the end of your illness
I used to call you every week
Hearing your voice gave me peace
Until you lost the ability to speak.
The cancer had spread to your brain
With a full radiation treatment done.
You weren't yourself most days. 
The battle was over, the cancer had won.
Unable to communicate with you was hard
But, your eldest son kept me informed
Even when the last hours were near 
Then with a call in the early morn. 
I woke up startled at the very time
You took your last breath.
Your son confirmed by a phone call
The exact time of your death. 
We lost three siblings way too young
You and I were the only two left 
Your leaving me too soon 
Has left me feeling so bereft. 
I know we shall meet again
When my life is done
For a while I may cry at times
Accepting that I am the only one.
Though I haven't been able to write
Since the day you passed away,
All alone with memories and tears
I wrote about my terrible loss today.
Carol Barton - 6-23-07
For my brother, Bill
With all my love 
3/14/38 - 12/15/06
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