The digital camera used to take this picture
had too bright of a flash so the castle and the
amber light in the window cannot be seen
Portrait of a Picture
(Forest of Midnight Blue)
Among the large looming trees
Along the path he had embarked
A young boy walking aimlessly 
His way clouded by the dark.
A chorus of woodland noises
In the forest of midnight blue
Urged him to proceed forward
His perilous plight to pursue.
Somewhere in the distance
He saw a faint amber light.
He hastened toward its destination
With all his will and might.
As if from the heavens above
Brilliant illuminating beams
Shown upon a distant castle
In heavenly moonlit streams.
Mystery surrounded its appearance
And from where it did arise
Yet it drew him like a magnet
With a power to hypnotize.
For high up in the castle wall
He saw the golden light shining bright
Emitting a sense of warmness
And calmness to his fright.
In my mind I can only imagine
How he came to be in the forest of blue.
The picture touched me deeply
With emotions heartfelt but true.
I sensed such deep loneliness
In the darkness of the night
And hope at the end of his journey
By the shining of the light.
Beauty beyond this world
I beheld in the silvery beams
That shown upon a haven
As radiant heavenly streams.
The picture so overwhelmed me
In ways until now left unsaid
So I purchased it for myself
And it now hangs beside my bed.
Poem written 1991 
Copyright 2006 ~ Carol Barton

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