Hello God

You are always there for me
When my days are tiring and long.
When I really need someone who cares
In a place where I feel safe and belong.
You are my strength throughout the day.
I really can't make it on my own.
I need your love and guidance. 
With you by my side, I am never alone.
Thank you for all my blessings.
I ask you to bless my family and friends.
Relieve them of any burdens they may carry
And give them strength to mend.
In your hands, I place my troubles
All those things I can't quit thinking about.
I won't have to worry about tomorrow
When You take away my doubts.
I'm sorry I fell asleep last night
In the middle of my prayer.
It's just that when I am talking to you
I begin to relax without a care.
Please bless those who are less fortunate
And those who are extremely ill.
Bless all the people I mentioned
With all their needs to be fulfilled.
I pray for the safety of all our soldiers
Serving and fighting on foreign land
In harms way and living in unbearable heat
In the searing desert sand.
I know I can always count on You
To listen to what I have to say
And for those who don't know you
Show them the light of your way.
Copyright 2006 ~ Carol Barton

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